Brain Injury

New Frontiers In TBI Treatments

Researchers believe they are closing in on a surgical intervention which can permanently restore damaged cells in Traumatic Brain Injury victims. Recently, German scientists transplanted embryonic neurons into brain-damaged rats, and within a month, the animals were fully responsive and the new connections seemed to be developing normally. Although the potential is there, these treatments can be costly. As attorney Sherwin Arzani tells us, “a brain injury victim will still need to extensive therapy that comes at a great cost.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

At this point, “dead brain cells do not regenerate” is the medical equivalent of death and taxes, because there is simply no way for the estimated 1.7 million people who suffer TBIs every year to fully regain lost function. Part of the problem is that these injuries are often misdiagnosed, because doctors sometimes ascribe confusion to early-onset dementia and not all victims react the same way (e.g. some are completely unconscious while others remain semi-conscious).

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Car Accidents

Common Issues In Car Accident Cases

Regardless of the underlying cause, ships sink, trains wreck, and planes crash, so why do cars have accidents? Several advocacy groups want to change that mentality regarding car accidents. Amy Cohen, a co-founder of the New York-based Families for Safe Streets organization, points out that “accident” implies that the incident was completely unforeseeable and unavoidable. […]

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Property Division

A Property Division Overview

Most states are equitable-division jurisdictions, which means that family law judges equitably divide marital property, and “equitable” may not be the same thing as “equal.” But California is a community property state, so the judge divides most marital property on an equal basis, since the spouses are presumed to be equal owners. Sometimes, property division in a marriage dissolution is relatively straightforward, but in nearly all cases, it is quite complicated and affected by a number of factors. If you are going through a divorce or separation, speak to an attorney in your jurisdiction for assistance.

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